Physical rehabilitation is a facet of healthcare with the intention of improving, restoring and maintaining an individual’s strength, mobility, fitness and function. The primary goal of physical rehabilitation is to gain greater independence and facilitate one’s return to activities of daily living following an injury, as well as to strengthen the body to prevent future injury or dysfunction.

The rehabilitation process consists of evaluating the health condition as it relates to the individual, setting short-term and long-term goals, and designing a progressive step-by-step plan to achieve the desired goals. The individual may be introduced to supervised exercises to improve range of motion, strength, power and endurance. Rehabilitation can include, but is not limited to, muscle strengthening, core stabilization, stretching, balance training, proprioceptive training and sport-specific movement training. As well, individualized at-home exercises are often prescribed to promote independence and maintain the health gains that were achieved from the rehabilitation process.

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