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Ergonomics helps us to understand, modify and improve our functioning at the workplace and daily environments while minimizing strain and injury to our body. By developing awareness of good posture, routines, exercise and healthy living at home and at work, we can modify or correct our actions to minimize injury, prevent long-term disability and maintain functioning. Ergonomics also ensures that tasks, equipment, information and the environment are suitable for each individual.


Lifestyle counselling involves the implementation of necessary lifestyle changes to bridge the gap between your current health status and what you would like your health to become. Chiropractors are committed to educating, guiding and evaluating lifestyle factors that may be hindering one’s opportunity towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Factors that may be addressed are physical activity, occupational demands, posture, stress level, nutrition, water intake, alcohol and coffee consumption, smoking habits and quality of sleep, among others. With lifestyle counselling, Dr. Levi will help you address physical, mental, emotional, environmental and occupational aspects of your life so that you feel more in control over your own health and quality of life.

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