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15 Bad Habits You Need to Break

We all have poor habits, but here are Dr. Levi’s top 15 bad habits that you need to break, particularly when it comes to headaches, neck and back pain:

1) Poor posture (forward head, rolled shoulders)
2) Carrying a bag on one shoulder

3) Sleeping on the couch
4) Sitting all day
5) Keeping a wallet in your back pocket
6) Sleeping on your stomach
7) Running on the same side of the street
8) Slouching in your seat
9) Sitting on your leg
10) Wearing high heels
11) Sleeping on a very soft or old mattress
12) Lifting with your back rather than your hips and knees.
13) Physical Inactivity
14) Wearing old shoes
15) Carrying a heavy bag (more than 10-15% of your body weight)


For more information to maintain spinal function and avoid injury, contact Dr. Levi. If you do experience an injury, schedule an appointment to receive the appropriate care and return to optimal health.